FEATURE: Paper Magazine

"Fierce, Fetish-Inflected"

-Paper Magazine

Let's party! The iconic early 2000's smash hit "Shoes" gets a modern makeover by Raja, Season 3 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race and famed makeup artist. Featuring the angsty early oughts legend Kelly herself and runway legends "The Kiss Boyz", Raja takes you on a journey of high fashion storytelling through the lens of 2020's Coronavirus lockdown. READ THE PAPER MAGAZINE ARTILE HERE.

Directed by the song's composer and producer, Tyler Stone helms the remake with Los Angeles based production house "FemmeKraft". In the months since it's release, "Shoes" has been nominated for 4 awards and featured by Paper Magazine. Check out the music video below!

Photography by: Sequoia Emanuelle

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